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Success Stories



Success breeds Success!


$300,000 Start Up Financing

This early stage company supported the fracing industry and was growing at an exponential rate.  When the bank said 'no, you're too  new', Corporate Funding was there to offer an alternative source of funding to purchase new equipment to help the company's profitability and ability to take on new customers.

$8.4MM Line of Credit

$8.4MM line of credit & term loan for a health care company who lost money in ’08. This 30 year old company was a profitable concern up until that, and still had a quality balance sheet. The current bank asked the company to exit and Corporate Funding sourced a replacement lender that actually increased the company’s credit availability.

$8MM Factoring Line

$8MM factoring line for a 100 year old produce distribution company with a profitable history but had to restate their balance sheet based on GAAP restatements to balance sheet.  The bank asked the company to exit and Corporate Funding sourced a specialty factor that actually increased the company’s credit availability.

$6MM Real Estate Bridge Loan

$6MM real estate bridge loan for commercial rental real estate, single tenant at 75% LTV.  The bank re-appraised the property and discovered they didn’t have adequate LTV, and asked the company to exit.